My experience selling used items with Amazon's "FBA"

I’ve got a lot of stuff lying around that I no longer use that I really need to get rid of.  Instead of using eBay or Craiglist, I decided to experiment with selling 3 items on Amazon using their “Fullfilled by Amazon” program.  One reason it really appealed to me in my zeal to declutter is that Amazon actually handles all the fulfillment, so you ship the items to them immediately, and the clutter is gone.  Once they make their way to the warehouse, Amazon can fulfill them with Amazon Prime, which you figure a buyer has got to love.  Finally, it seems like most of the sellers price their used items so high that it should be easy to undercut with the lowest price and still really feel good about the amount of money you’re getting, even after Amazon takes their cut.

First, let me say, it’s obvious that this program is really geared for people who are running a business with regular inventory.  As easy to use as the consumer facing Amazon web interface is, it is amazing just how clunky and baffling the workflow through the FBA interface is for a simple guy like me just trying to sell his stuff.  It’s truly awful.

I decided to start with three items.  Here’s what happened

  1. One item listed for $70, Amazon has designated as damaged by the carrier. Supposedly I’m going to get reimbursed for that at some point, but it’s not clear how much or when.
  2. Second item listed for $160 and sold relatively quickly, shipped to buyer Amazon Prime. This item was like new and in the original box. Two weeks later the buyer returned it to Amazon. Amazon has now designated it unsellable because it is defective. WTF? So now my only option is to have them send it back to me, and see if they guy really broke it, or what the deal is. Which of course I have to pay for.
  3. Third item listed for $30 sold after a few days, without incident (so far).

Amazon rocks for buying things and they get a much larger portion of each of my paychecks than they probably should, but as far as selling my used stuff, I’m thinking I need to stick with either eBay or Craigslist …

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